WINKCLIQUE'S Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

WINKCLIQUE'S Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom's everywhere deserve the world! What better way to show your Mom you love her than to give her a gift as beautiful and thoughtful as she is! Whether your mom is a Clique member or not, come with us to shop for the perfect gift.


1.) Microfiber Cloth

You cannot go wrong with the softest makeup removing cloth out there. Give your mom the gift of a clean face that feels like she's holding a cloud.

Winkclique Microfiber Cloths


2.) DIY Eyelash Starter Kit


If Mom would love to be a lash girlie, but she doesn’t know where to begin, this would be the perfect gift for her! Give her the chance to try WinkClique's Adhesive, Remover, The Lash Presser and three different lash styles, so she can succeed in her lash game!

WinkCliques DIY lash extension starter kit with three bitty boxes, tools, remover and adhesive.


3.) Framed Photo

What mom doesn’t love a framed photo of her loved ones? This floating picture frame is perfect to be paired with a photo of her and her grandkids, husband, fur babies, anyone or anything that is important to her.

Floating wooden picture frame

 4.) THICK Lash Serum

If your mom loves thick and full lashes, the THICK lash serum is the best choice! This serum can be used with any WinkClique lash extension style! It's the best way to maintain the length and health of your lashes while wearing your favorite styles.

WinkClique Lash Serum

5.) Spa Facial

Find a quality day spa in your area and get Mom a facial! She'll feel pampered for an hour and loved forever. She deserves it!

WinkClique lash extension cleanser and microfiber cloth


Whatever it is you decide to get your mom, put a note with it about all the reasons you love and are grateful for her. All of the women in our life deserve to be celebrated this mother’s day. 

Happy Shopping