Three women smiling close together showing off their DIY eyelash extensions.

Best DIY Lash Styles for Hooded Eyes

Choosing the right DIY eyelash extension style for your eye shape can be confusing. But, don’t worry - we’re here to help! Keep reading to see which WinkClique DIY lashes are right for you! 

Reminder: keep in mind there are no “rules” to choosing a lash shape. It mostly depends on what YOU like! 

What are hooded eyes? 

“Hooded” eyes describe eyelids that are less visible when the eyes are open. The skin from the brow bone also may sit on the lash line. Some stunning women that rock hooded eyes are Blake Lively, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence (total icons, right?) Hooded eyes are beautiful and striking, so let’s enhance them with the best at home eyelash extensions on the market.

Brown eyed model wearing "honey" diy eyelash extensions.


What WinkClique lash is for me?

Opt for lashes with length in the center to open the eye. Wispy, long lashes with the longest part in the center of the eye are a great option for hooded eyes. Try our Honey lash book for exactly this! She is 14mm of irresistible wispy sweetness that will elevate your natural eye shape in the best way. Want something more dramatic? Icon is, well, iconic for every eye shape! This lash is 11mm and voluminous. She is a perfect balance between dainty and wow! Icon is perfect for small eyes, so try her out the next time you’re shopping for DIY lash extensions. 

Blue eyed model wearing "icon" diy eyelash extensions.


WinkClique has something for everyone! Whether you love dramatic, voluminous lashes or dainty, natural lashes, we’ve got it! Don’t be afraid to try a lash style out of your comfort zone. You never know, you just might love it! (Actually, we know you will.) Now, go rock your stunning DIY lash extensions and show the world your beauty!