About love, Leighton

WinkClique is founded on the principles of loving others and helping them love themselves exactly as they are. Founders, Donovan and Jessica Winters are helping make this mission a reality with the establishment of a charitable foundation that is near and dear to their heart: love, Leighton.

love, Leighton is an ode to their oldest daughter, Leighton. A love letter to her if you will.

Jessica, was pregnant with Leighton in 2013. The pregnancy went perfectly and there were zero complications until Leighton’s gestational age of 37 weeks. During this week, on a Saturday, Jessica noticed that Leighton was no longer moving. Under doctor’s orders, Donovan and Jessica rushed to the hospital. Leighton was delivered by emergency c-section after monitors showed her heart rate at 50bpm and dropping.

When Leighton was born she was considered a stillborn. After receiving life saving measures for 15 minutes with no results the doctor on scene pronounced her as dead. A tag was placed on her foot and the Chaplin was sent to speak with Donovan. Miraculously, Leighton suddenly returned to her body and is now a vibrant 10 year old.

While Leighton recovered in the NICU, Donovan and Jessica accrued a bill of $300,000+. During the process of paying the cost of the financial burden, through the help of agencies and foundations, Donovan and Jessica developed a dream of being able to get to a financial state that they could pay it forward for other families.

WinkClique has grown to a state that it can begin working with the local hospital to support NICU infants and families. By the donation of goods and funds WC hopes to help as many families as possible and ease the financial burden that comes with a child struggling to survive.