You are capable of more than you think you are. You are worthy of feeling beautiful while devoting your whole self to your loved ones. You do not need to spend hours at appointments to achieve the results you desire. Beauty is attainable and we are here to help you feel beautiful today. 

WinkClique was birthed during long days and short years as our founder, Jessica Winters, slowly lost herself in the depths of raising young children. She was no longer recognizing herself in the mirror and her husband asked a simple question, “What makes you happy?” 

Feeling beautiful without spending too much money and stealing too much time from her loved ones, to attain beauty. 

Jessica is a lover of DIY and began learning how to give herself a full set of nails, salon quality pedicure, dermaroller treatments, root touch ups and full color, spray tans at home, eyebrows that mimicked microblading, the list goes on. The confidence she gained from not only her self care routine but knowing she had done it all herself was liberating. The one thing she had not mastered was how to look like she had eyelash extensions without paying the price or spending the time. 

Welcome WinkClique! She spent three years on research and development and finally, it was complete. She knew she had achieved what she wanted when in social settings, the most talked about thing was who her lash girl was (...umm ME!). 

Women were created for magnificent feats. It is WinkClique’s goal to help other women feel the power they possess and the confidence that can be gained from doing things for themself and doing them like a professional. 

WinkClique wants to spread the essence of belonging and coming as you are. All are welcome here, all are loved here, all are important here. Bring your quirks, faults, and biggest insecurity. We will start there so we know how to love you. We are more than eyelashes.

We are a CLIQUE!