Our Mission

  • Self-care is non-negotiable.

    Holding space for self-care in your life changes everything. Prioritizing yourself isn’t about sacrifice- it’s about balance. You can be present AND pampered; involved AND indulged. Our products are made to revolutionize the way you feel, and when your self-confidence is unstoppable, so are you.

  • Luxury is always attainable.

    Break out the fancy china and wear the sparkly dress- luxury is the new everyday. Professional-quality beauty solutions that are actually affordable is kind of our thing. We empower you to look and feel your best without having to spend hours at appointments or choose between beauty and budget.

  • Beauty routines are sustainable.

    We’re into long-term relationships- and your beauty routine should be built to last. Our products minimize your mirror time so you can make the most of every moment after. Supporting you as you streamline your process to fit YOUR life is both our passion and our promise.

  • Community is irreplaceable.

    Everyone is clique-worthy. You are welcome and cared about here, and we can’t wait to meet you, exactly where you are. High impact is how we like our lashes; but it’s also our philosophy when it comes to giving back. Serving our community through projects like the love, Leighton foundation will always be our greatest work of heart.

Our Story

“What makes you happy?”

As a young mom, owner and founder Jessica Winters was losing touch with herself when this simple question from her husband changed everything. She was the best version of herself when she felt beautiful, without overspending or stealing too much time from her loved ones to attain it. One by one, she mastered salon-quality treatments at home, from manicures to spray tans and root touch-ups to facials.

“Who does your lashes?”

Everything she could find was either too expensive or too time consuming. After 3 years of research and development, she knew she had found something life-changing when finding out who gave her those beautiful lashes became THE topic everywhere she went.

Why WinkClique?

“ME.” That answer was so empowering, she wanted every single woman to be able to say it, too. She created WinkClique to bring the exclusivity of lash extensions to the inclusivity of a support-based community. Here, you are welcome and embraced as you are, and that sisterhood isn’t going anywhere. Beauty is just the beginning.