Are WinkClique Lash Extensions Waterproof?

Are WinkClique Lash Extensions Waterproof?

Have you ever put on a new pair or your favorite WinkClique eyelash extensions and wondered, “are these waterproof?” The short answer is, YES! HOT GIRL SUMMER, HERE YOU COME! 

We understand that water is in our everyday lives, from washing your face to showering, from sweating to swimming. With proper application and (the tips below), your WinkClique lashes will be able to keep up and keep you looking fabulous!

How to wash my face while wearing my DIY lash extensions?

While we do not recommend submerging your lashes regularly, it is okay on occasion. No more splashing your face with water ladies! To properly cleanse your lashes, we recommend using the WinkClique Lash Cleanser or any oil free and lather free cleanser to properly remove any oil, makeup, or debris from your WinkClique lashes. After carefully using your cleanser, gently dab away the access from your lashes with a wet microfiber cloth. Don’t worry, we have you covered with the most luxurious Microfiber Cloths! Once you have cleansed your lashes and face —- do not touch them — let them air dry and allow the Adhesive to become “tacky” again. Once dry, use your Lash Presser to press and seal your WinkClique lashes to your natural lashes and be on your way!

How to shower while wearing my DIY lash extensions?

The steps to ensure your lashes last during your shower are similar to those while washing your face. Be gentle with your WinkClique lashes while in the shower and do not rub them. After you have gotten out, allow them to air dry before touching them. Use your Lash Presser to seal them back to your natural lashes once they have dried and the Adhesive has become tacky again. If you need to brush through your lashes, we have you covered with our Spoolie Brush

You may also be wondering how long after application can you get your lashes wet? There is no exact amount of time to wait but we find it best to give your at home lash extensions a few hours to fully adhere before getting them wet.

Can I swim with my DIY lash extensions?

I don’t know about you but when I go to the pool with my young family, I want my lashes to last through every splash or dunk that comes my way. Guess what! There are no worries here, we’ve got you covered! You will do some of the same tips mentioned above in regards to showering or washing your lashes. After they are wet, DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Allow the Adhesive the time it needs to become “tacky” again, and then whip out your handy Lash Presser to seal those beauties and BOOM! They will look just as good as they did after you first applied them!

Can I workout or sweat in my lashes?

Yes! Our lashes are not only waterproof, but sweat proof! We have many members, including myself, that like to hit the gym, hike, go for a run, or even take hot yoga classes. No need to worry about your dreamy at home lash extensions coming off during any of these activities! There is a theme here which is, do not touch the lashes after they are wet!. Allowing them time to dry and become tacky is top priority in maintaining your lashes through your active lifestyle.

Why did my lashes not last after getting them wet?

Nothing is more frustrating than applying a fresh set of your WinkClique lashes and then later that day, or even the next day, you get in the shower and your lashes come off! Typically if your lashes are coming off prematurely, it is due to not enough Adhesive being used during application. The 3D bubble of Adhesive you need to create is VITAL to your amazing 7+ day hold and is what will keep your do it yourself lash extensions from coming off when wet. 

Following our tips for proper application and care will be key in allowing you to keep up with your active lifestyle and have flawless looking lashes at the same time. Don’t let the water scare you from maintaining your flawless lashes girl! Let those babies get wet! 

Lashes that look good even after getting them wet may sound too good to be true, but trust us, it’s just within reach! Let’s make everyone ask, “who did your lashes?”, and you can proudly say, “ME” even after a dip in the pool.

Keep glowing ladies!