Can You Use Mascara on Your WinkClique Eyelash Extensions?

Can You Use Mascara on Your WinkClique Eyelash Extensions?

We all remember the days when we spent 15 minutes standing in front of the mirror trying to separate each lash after applying 6 layers of mascara. Then halfway through the day we had to double check that our mascara hadn’t given our under eye a 5 o’clock shadow. Luckily those days are past us and we have entered our DIY lash extension era. 

WinkClique DIY lash extensions can last 7-10 days. They are sweat, tear, and waterproof so that you can live life without the worry of runny mascara. We know that life doesn’t always permit that we have 2-3 hours out of our day set aside to go to a salon and get our lashes done. And though we may have the time for mascara, we don’t always have the patience for stubborn clumpy mascara. That is why we have designed a comfortable luxury lash extension line that allows you to feel pampered for a fraction of the price and time!

Although the past is behind us, we often get asked if you can layer your lashes with your old go to mascara. And the answer is simple, you don’t need it anymore!

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There are a few reasons why you can confidently retire the mascara. So let's get into them! The first reason is because this will likely shorten the lifespan of your extensions. Typically these lashes can last from 7-10 days or even longer! They are made with a lightweight cotton band so that they feel weightless on your natural lashes. If mascara is added to them, the extra weight and oils from the mascara can affect how long your set lasts on your eyes.

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Another reason your lashes need that extra coat is because adding mascara to your lashes can affect how natural they look as well. And lastly, the lashes will feel and wear more comfortably throughout the week. 

Salon quality lashes have never been more affordable and accessible. We want you to wake up feeling less worried about your appearance and to be able to give your full time and energy where it’s needed. Being able to enhance your natural beauty is empowering and such a boost of confidence. And YOU deserve to feel that way every day. So throw that mascara out the door because WinkClique is here to save the day.

One beauty routine at a time.