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Microfiber Cloths

The most luxurious, softest goodness that you’ve ever experienced is here. These microfiber cloths are softer than 100 puppies, cotton candy and your grandma’s red velvet Christmas sweater. Plushiness like you’ve never known.


How you use it: 

Use on full face. Pair with a lather free face wash. Dampen cloth & gently wipe in circular motions until all makeup is removed.  Avoid lashes to preserve longevity. Gone are the days of splashing yourself in the face.

Can also be used to remove lashes when paired with WinkClique Remover. Apply Remover to lashes, wait 5 minutes, dampen cloth, and gently wipe in downward motion to remove segments.

* 3 Washcloths Per pack

  • $12.00