The Clique Photoshoot

The Clique Photoshoot

Each year we strive to do something really special for our WinkClique Community (lovingly referred to as The Clique). It is something we have really come to love and treasure and each year it just gets more and more special for us. We call this "The Clique Photoshoot". 

The Clique Photoshoot is unlike our other photoshoots in a few ways, the first being we don't use any professional models. All our models are loyal Clique members who subscribe to receive our products. They are believers in the product and embrace our mission of belonging and acceptance. It is imperative to us that we showcase that beauty can be found in the ordinary; the everyday women who work tirelessly for their job, their family, or their educational pursuits. These women are beautiful, strong, and incredibly talented in a multitude of ways. 

Another way this photoshoot differs from others is the general environment. Because we have all these beautiful women who, oftentimes, this is their first experience in front of the camera in this environment, the ambience quickly shifts into a potent aroma of hype girl energy. It turns into a love fest of compliments and whooping and squealing over the looks these women serve naturally as a side effect of looking and feeling beautiful. It's infectious and electric to see this big group of women, who are strangers to each other, become another woman's best and most sincere cheerleader. 

Our Clique Photoshoots have a certain message we are trying to convey. That message is found in the WinkClique mission statement. Our mission statement declares:

"WinkClique wants to spread the essence of belonging and coming as you are. All are welcome here, all are loved here, all are important here. Bring your quirks, faults, and biggest insecurity. We will start there so we know how to love you."

We are confident as we embrace all parts of our Clique Sisters we can foster more love and connection among one another. The feeling we leave with after the Clique Photoshoot is unmatched. It's invigorating and uplifting to see all these gorgeous women truly feel beautiful and confident. That confidence in themselves then floods to the others in the room, until we are left with an overflowing sense of appreciation and love for one another.

We may be a DIY lash extension company in our core, but we are so much more than that. We are in the business of empowering women in doing things for themselves and doing them like a professional. Part of the magic that comes from these Clique Photoshoots is the way that vision has come to life for each of these beautiful women. Feeling confidence in themselves and their abilities to elevate their confidence without those costly, lengthy appointments was evident. 

Clique Photoshoots are one of our favorite things we do each year. We love being able to rub shoulders with the Clique and get to know a little more of each of their stories, hopes and dreams. Rubbing shoulders with you is simply the best. Who knows maybe next year you will be here with us... We sure hope