Lashes that last, even when wet!

Lashes that last, even when wet!

With the temperatures rising and outdoor activities at an all time high, we get asked a lot if WinkClique lashes are waterproof. We are here to tell you, the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

Because water is part of our daily routine but is heightened during the summer, from not only washing your face to showering, but also from sweating to swimming. With the right application and following the tips below, your WinkClique lashes can withstand all of these activities and keep you looking photoshoot ready!

To ensure your lashes survive a shower, treat them gently and avoid rubbing them. After showering, let them air dry before using your Lash Presser to secure them back in place. If needed, use a Spoolie Brush to brush through them. If you're wondering how long to wait before getting your lashes wet after application, a few hours should suffice. Make sure your at-home lash extensions fully adhere before getting them wet.

While we advise against immersing your lashes regularly, it's okay occasionally. Instead of splashing water on your face, use a gentle cleanser like the WinkClique Cleanser to remove oil, makeup, and debris from your lashes. After cleansing, follow the same steps listed above, gently pat them with a wet microfiber cloth. Let your at home lash extensions air dry, then use your Lash Presser to press them onto your natural lashes to seal.

WinkClique lashes are not just waterproof but sweat-proof too! Whether you're at the gym, on a hike, or in a hot yoga class, your lashes will stay put. Remember not to touch them when wet and let them dry properly before using a Lash Presser to seal them back on!

Proper application and using enough Adhesive is crucial for a long-lasting hold. The 3D bubble of Adhesive ensures a strong bond and helps your DIY lash extensions stay on even when wet.
By following these tips for application and care, you can enjoy your active lifestyle while maintaining flawless lashes. Don't let water stop you from having perfect lashes! Let them get wet and still look amazing!

Having lashes that stay beautiful even after getting wet is achievable. Make heads turn with your lashes, and proudly say, "I did them myself," even after a swim!