Sunkissed Savings: Elevate Your Look with Our Summer Bundle!

Sunkissed Savings: Elevate Your Look with Our Summer Bundle!

Summer is here, and we’re celebrating the sunny season with an incredible deal on our DIY lash Bitty Boxes! For a limited time, you can get 5 Bitty Boxes for just $38—a fantastic value of $60. The Summer Bundle is completely customizable so wether you want to stock up on a style you love or try out a style you have had your eye on, now is the time to do it! Until July 31st, 2024 you can get 5 Bitty Boxes (1 set of lashes each Bitty Box) for less than a full book, no code required!

Wether you need lashes to sit poolside, go on vacation, or stay home with the kids, be sure to grab your Bitty Boxes before the sale ends!

Building your Summer Bundle:

To build your perfect bundle, head to our Summer Bundle page below

From there you can head to the Summer Bundle option at the bottom of the page and select which Bitty Box lash styles you would like in your bundle! Next you will have the option to add any accessories such as Lash Adhesive, Reusable Lash Swabs, Lash Remover, etc. to make your bundle fit your needs.

Recommend Accessories:

Not sure which accessories to add to your Summer Bundle! Here is a guide to help you get on the right track for choosing your accessories!


Our liquid gold! With both Adhesive’s made from the same formula, you can’t go wrong with the Clear or Black Adhesive in your bundle! If you are looking for a more natural finish to your do it yourself eyelash extensions then Clear is your girl! If you like a seamless and almost eyeliner effect for your lashes, our Black Adhesive is made to help boost that black cotton band providing a beautiful thicker looking base to any lash style.

Lash Presser or Tool Kit:

Your Lash Presser is crucial to making sure you can seal your WinkClique lashes to your natural lashes. By using this tool you are sure to have a long lasting wear with beautiful lashes that look salon quality!

In need of a new Lash Curler or Lash Scissors to help trim your segments? The best option would be to get the WinkClique Tool Kit that comes with a Lash Curler, Lash Presser, Lash Scissors, and Tweezers, making sure you have all the tools necessary to apply your at home lash extensions!

Reusable Lash Swabs:

Ever place your WinkClique lashes and need to bump them up a bit or get some Adhesive from your waterline or eyelid? With our Reusable Lash Swabs you are able to push your lashes into place and remove any rouge Adhesive with ease. Having your Reusable Lash Swabs on hand during application is a must!

With a sale like this, you won’t want to miss out! It’s time to build the ultimate package for radiant, do it yourself, summer-ready lashes. Whether you’re a seasoned lash lover or new to the world of extensions, this bundle has everything you need for stunning, effortless beauty.

Stay fabulous and enjoy the sunshine with your best lashes ever!