Will WinkClique Lashes Damage My Natural Lashes?

Will WinkClique Lashes Damage My Natural Lashes?

Are you the type that loves to do ALL the research on any new beauty trend, or DIY product on the market? You’re not alone! We love that you want to do your homework before adding any DIY lash products to your current routine. And to that we say, way to go!

At home lash extensions can add a whole new level of confidence to your beautiful self! The best part? You can change up your look in ten minutes with a new style of WinkClique lashes! With styles ranging in volume, length and shape you’ll never fail to find your perfect lash, whatever your mood. 

So let’s get to it! Do WinkClique lashes damage your natural lashes? The short answer? No! With proper application and removal, WinkClique lashes will not cause damage to your natural lashes. It’s important to prioritize the health of your natural lashes while enjoying the beauty of your WinkClique lashes. We do have some important steps to ensure that your naturals stay healthy and strong so you can continue to use your favorite WinkClique style.

But First…Tan background with a gray micro-fiber cloth that has the WinkClique emblem on it in gold. Also features WinkClique Cleanser, remover and lash serum.

Before embarking on your lash journey, take the time to understand the process of applying your at home lash extensions. Familiarize yourself with the tools, lashes and Adhesive. We have many educational videos on our WinkClique YouTube channel for our Clique! From application and troubleshooting tips to cleaning and removing your lashes. Educating yourself will help you avoid  potential mistakes that can cause damage to your naturals.


Once you’re well versed on the ins and outs of the entire process, you’re ready to apply your first set of WinkClique lashes! Take your time and be patient. No need to rush!

The first tip? Preparation is key! Cleanse your natural lashes thoroughly with our Cleanser, removing any traces of makeup or oils. This ensures a clean slate for the extensions to adhere to, promoting a longer-lasting and healthier application. 

Another important step to keeping those lashes healthy is to apply your at home lash extensions to the underside of your naturals, making sure they’re not touching any skin or your waterline. If your WC lashes are touching skin you can experience irritation and discomfort and may cause you to pull and tug at your lashes, which can cause damage. We don’t want that!


During the 7-10 days of wear, handle your WinkClique lashes delicately and your lashes will reward you with their natural beauty. Do your best to not tug or pull at them. This can cause your natural lashes to be pulled as well. Tan background with a blonde woman swirling WinkClique cleanser on her makeup brush.

Another step to maintaining healthy naturals while wearing your WinkClique lashes is to keep your eye area and lashes clean of any oils, makeup and debris. We have the perfect product for just this purpose, our amazing WinkClique Cleanser! Simply apply a dab of Cleanser to a clean makeup brush or one of our luxurious Microfiber Cloths and rub gently on your lash line. This will not only keep your natural lashes clean and healthy, but also extend the wear of your WinkClique lashes. Can’t beat that! After cleansing (or any time you get them wet), use our Spoolie to brush through your WinkClique lashes to keep them looking their best. 


The next, and most important part in keeping your natural lashes strong and healthy, is to be gentle with the removal process.

First up, grab your WinkClique Remover and generously coat the top side and underside of your lashes. Then allow about 5-10 minutes for the Remover to do its job and break down the Adhesive. After the 5-10 minutes is up, grab our gloriously soft Microfiber Cloths, dampen the cloth and gently wipe the eye area, making sure that there is no tugging involved! Your WC lashes should slide right off of your naturals. If you notice any part of the lashes are pulling or tugging, add a little more Remover until they slide off easily. 

Brunette woman using a WinkClique micro-fiber cloth to remove her diy eyelash extensions.


Bonus! Our Remover contains nourishing oils to help moisturize and keep your natural lashes healthy while removing your WinkClique lashes! 

Are you noticing a few lashes attached to your WinkClique lashes during the removal process? No need to panic! This is totally normal. The average person sheds 2-5 lashes per day, and if you’ve been wearing your at home lashes for a week, the lashes that would have normally shed are now attached to your WinkClique lashes. As long as you are gentle during the removal process and avoid pulling on your lashes, you’ll be good to go! Once you’ve finished with the removal process, grab your Cleanser and clean the eye area of any oils left over from your Remover to prepare for your fresh set! 


Because we at WinkClique care about your natural lashes almost as much as you do, we’ve created our Lash Serum, Growth Serum, to help give your natural lashes a boost! Growth Serum was designed to promote growth and keep your lashes voluminous and strong. Growth Serum will support your WinkClique way of life and give you confidence in your natural lashes. Just like you use shampoo and conditioner on your hair, think of Cleanser as shampoo and Growth Serum as conditioner for your lashes. You can apply Growth Serum morning and night, either while you’re wearing your WinkClique lashes, or completely lash extension free. Whatever your style. 

By following these tips, you can achieve breathtaking at home lashes while ensuring the health and beauty of your natural lashes. Embrace the world of DIY lash extensions with confidence, knowing that you’re taking excellent care of your eye-catching assets.