Safely Removing your WinkClique Lashes

Safely Removing your WinkClique Lashes

Proper removal of your WinkClique lashes is vital to protect the health of your natural lashes. Because our Remover was formulated to breakdown our Adhesive, make sure to have that on hand! Come along with us as we dive into how to remove your do it yourself lashes safe and effectively.

Grab your luscious Microfiber Cloth, Remover, and follow the steps below!

Applying Remover

First make sure you have a generous amount of Remover on your brush applicator. With your brush applicator, glide the Remover on the top side of your lashes making sure to coat them with a liberal amount of product. Next you will apply a generous amount to the underside of your at home lash extensions, while avoiding contact with your eyes. Once you have applied Remover to both eyes in this manner, allow the Remover to sit 3-5 minutes before completing the removal process.


Once the Remover has sat for the recommended time, grab your Microfiber Cloth and get it damp with warm water. Using your dampened Microfiber Cloth, gently wipe your lashes in a downward motion to help release the segments from your natural lashes. Make sure to avoid rubbing in a circular motion or tugging on your lashes as this could damage your natural lashes. If done correctly, your extensions will release easily. If your WinkClique lashes are not releasing easily or you experience any tugging or pulling sensation, stop, and simply apply more Remover and allowing it to sit a little longer on your lashes. Keep in mind if you need to remove your WinkClique lashes before the recommend 7+ days of wear, you may need to follow these steps a couple of times to get them to remove properly.

After you have successfully removed your at home extensions, we recommend using your WinkClique Cleanser to remove any oil from your natural lashes. This will make sure your lashes are ready for a new set! You can refer to our “How to prep your natural lashes” video found here to see how to do this.

Now that your WinkClique lashes have been removed successfully, you may notice some of your natural lashes are attached to your segments. I know this may be alarming but don’t worry! The average person loses 2 - 5 natural lashes per day, per eye. The lashes you are seeing attached to your segments are the lashes you would normally not notice as they fell out, but because they have been attached to your Adhesive, they had nowhere else to go!

By making sure to use a generous amount of Remover, not tugging or pulling on your WinkClique lashes during wear and the removal process, and allowing the Remover time to sit, you will be able to successfully remove your lashes with no damage to your natural lashes.

Keep those natural lashes healthy ladies with the proper removal process!