Unlocking the Beauty of your Rewards

Unlocking the Beauty of your Rewards

In the dynamic world of online shopping, loyalty programs have become an important part of the customer experience! WinkClique, your go-to beauty destination, takes it up a notch with a loyalty program designed to reward you for every interaction you make! In this guide, we'll dive into WinkClique's rewards program, ensuring you take advantage of each opportunity to receive your points!

Birthday Rewards:

Did you know that it takes approximately 30 days for your birthday points to appear in your account? Even if you add your birthdate close to the special day, rest assured – WinkClique ensures you receive those birthday points within 30 days.

Subscription Rewards:

The joy of receiving your favorite beauty products is doubled with subscription rewards. Keep an eye on your account as the points associated with your subscription will show up as soon as your order ships.

Follow Us Rewards:

Instant gratification awaits when you choose to follow WinkClique on your preferred social media platforms. Enjoy the immediate satisfaction of accumulating points.

Review Rewards:

Your thoughts matter, and WinkClique rewards you for sharing them! 7 days after receiving your go-to at home lash extensions, an email will be sent to you with a link to write a review. Please make sure to use this email/link in order to receive your points! Any reviews written without going through the link, will not receive rewards points.
Points Breakdown: 50 points for a review and 75 for a photo or video review. Photo and video submissions will received 50 points instantly after review is submitted. Once the review is published the remaining points are added to your account!

Tiered Rewards System:

WinkClique values your loyalty over time and there are 3 tier opportunities to achieve!

Hype Girl:

Receive 50 birthday Reward points and 1X point multiplier

Main Chick:

1.25x Point Multipliers, 50 Points per Tier Entry, Double Point Days, Early Access to Sales, and 100 Birthday Reward. Spend $400 in a 12 month period to achieve this tier!

Queen of the Clique:

1.50x Point Multipliers, 100 Points per Tier Entry, Double Point Days, 150 Birthday Reward, Early Access to Sales, and Early Access to Product Launch. Spend $600 in a 12 month period to achieve this tier!

Actions and purchases within the last 12 months contribute to your tier status. If you've climbing to a higher tier, make sure to maintain the same spending amount in the following 12 month period. Doing this will ensure you remain in that tier.

Refer a Friend:

Sharing is caring, and at WinkClique, it's rewarding too. Once your friends hear all about how much you love your DIY lash extensions, they will need to give them a try! Refer a friend by sharing your personalized link to their email. Your friend enjoys $5 off their first $40, non-subscription purchase, and you receive a whopping 100 points ($5 in rewards) when they make a purchase through your link. You can find this amazing program by logging into your WinkClique account, heading to our Rewards page https://winkclique.com/pages/rewards and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. There will be a spot for you to enter your friends email address. They will then be sent a link to use for their purchase!

How to redeem and use rewards points:

Now that you have been able to collect your rewards points, it is time to reap the benefits! To use your points on your next non subscription order, log into your WinkClique account and begin shopping for your must have DIY eyelashes and other beauty products! Once you have selected your product, you will head to checkout. During the checkout process, there will be a drop down menu with the option to select how ever many points you would like to redeem for that order. Once you have decided on how many points you would like to use, press apply and it will reflect the discount in your total!

Navigating the intricacies of WinkClique's loyalty program ensures you unlock the full potential of rewards and benefits. Whether it's your birthday, a subscription order, or sharing your experiences through reviews and referrals, WinkClique values and rewards your engagement. Embrace the world of beauty with the added delight of maximizing your rewards at every turn.

Happy shopping!