How to properly cleanse your face and lashes

How to properly cleanse your face and lashes

Common questions we get asked are, “How do I wash my face while wearing my lashes?”, “How to cleanse my lashes and how often?”, and “Are your lashes reusable?” Cleansing is an important part of prolonging the wear of your WinkClique lashes as well as maintaining your overall eye health. Follow along as we answer these questions for you and give some tips on how to care for them once they do get wet!

How do I wash my face while wearing the lashes?

The best option for cleansing your face is to opt for a lather-free face wash that can be easily removed with a wet microfiber cloth. This offers a gentle and effective cleansing method. If you are looking for the most luxuries microfiber cloths, we have you covered here! Say goodbye to the traditional splashing water on your face method! No one liked doing that anyway, am I right??

How to and how often to cleanse my WinkClique lashes?

To properly cleanse your at home lash extensions, we recommend using our Lash Cleanser to clean any oil or makeup residue from your lashes. Our cleanser was specifically formulated to be able to use during the wear of your WinkClique lashes. Because of this, it will not breakdown the adhesive prematurely! To cleanse your at home lash extensions, pump a small amount of Cleanser onto a Microfiber Cloth, grab your Cleansing Brush, dip your brush into the cleanser and gently work it into your lash line. Allow your lashes to air dry before you touch them! This is crucial in maintaining that amazing 7+ day hold. Make sure to cleanse your lashes everyday to wash away your beautiful eye makeup and any debris built up throughout the day. Add this to your nightly skin care routine ladies. Your lashes will thank you! Below we will go over how to bring life back to your lovely do it yourself eyelash extensions later in this post, so don’t go anywhere just yet!

Are your lashes reusable?

For your general eye health, we do not recommend reusing your lashes once you’ve worn them. One of the amazing things about our lash books is that it comes with a fifth pair! This allows you to have a set for each week of the month and an extra to spare incase of a mishap, which lets be honest, happens to the best of us!

My lashes are wet, now what?

Once you’ve cleansed your beautiful at home lash extensions, let them air dry before touching them, this is crucial! Then press them with your Lash Presser to reseal them. Are your lashes not looking as fluffy and luscious as they did before you cleansed them? Don’t worry ladies, we have something for that too! We recommend using our WinkClique Spoolie Brush to comb through your lashes once they are dry to give them life once again!

By following the above steps you can keep your at home lash extensions looking and feeling just as good as they did when you first applied them. Grab your WinkClique lash accessories and be confident that your natural lashes are getting the best care!