Taking Care of Your Natural Lashes

Taking Care of Your Natural Lashes

Did you know, creating a solid foundation for your WinkClique lashes to hold on to is key in having a flawless at-home lash extension application? Here at WinkClique we understand that the health of your natural lashes is of the utmost importance in helping maintain a healthy DIY lash extension experience. Because of this, our team formulated a lash serum you can not live without!

Introducing, Growth Serum!

Formerly known as the amazing “Thick” lash serum, this beauty received a little tune up with new packaging, more of the same product for you to love, but the best part is, an all new applicator!

With the same great formula and the new thoughtfully designed applicator, not only can you continue using it on your lash line to fortify and strengthen your natural lashes, but now you can use it on your eyebrows!

The duo applicator now has an amazing tip that will allow you to glide the Growth Serum formula right to your lash line while the spoolie applicator allows you to slide the formula right into your eyebrows to achieve those beautiful full brows we’ve been dreaming of! Who else fell victim to the “over plucking brow era??” Don’t be ashamed ladies! Growth Serum is here to help! For best results, apply to your lash line and eyebrows morning and night to see the magic happen in as little as 6 weeks with consistent use. Oh, and did I mention, one amazing bottle of our Growth Serum will last you 3 months?? Yes girl!

Ever wonder if a lash serum is okay to use while wearing your WinkClique at home lash extensions? Growth Serum was carefully curated to allow continued use while you have your flawless DIY lash extensions on!

Ladies, I don’t know about you but I love knowing I can achieve strong natural lashes that will support my WinkClique way of life with just a slide of Growth Serum twice a day. I mean how easy is that?! Don’t forget to take those before and after pictures and be amazed at the results!

If you have been on the fence about what lash and brow serum to use, look no further! Seriously Growth Serum is here for you and ready to help create that solid foundation! Not only will it help maintain your at home lash extension way of life, but it will help enhance your natural beauty while giving you the confidence you deserve in your natural lash babies.

As always ladies, keep glowing!